Newsletter 1

June 2016

Wow, what an exciing venture I have embarked on! ClayologieTM (formally Filani) is a really awesome product. I recently worked out that I have been palying with polymer clay, on and off, for the last twenty five years! I think that shows how awesome a product I think it is and also qualifies me as an addict. My mission now is to introduce it to as many people as possible and create a few more addicts along the way.

On Tuesday I presented my first polymer clay training session. It was scheduled to be for a group of young children ranging from 5 to 8 years old. It turned out to be a much wider age range with people playing with clay ranging from 5 to 84! What a lot of fun we had. The items made were awesome with amongst others a tiny snail, a Ninja Turtles covered teaspoon, a loooong green snake and a very gorgeous lizard. The activity levels and creativity flowing around the table were very impressive and I left with well worked jaw muscles from all the smiling I did.





Clay tips and tricks

Clay Preparation

The most important component of preparing your clay is to condition it properly. This results in a stronger medium that is crack free, flexible, and durable with a smooth appearance.

Play with the clay to soften it up. Roll, squish, stretch, warm and knead the clay until it is pliable. Use your hands as the heat will help to soften the clay.

Different colour pigments can cause variable consistencies noticeable in different colours. Certain colours may well require more effort to condition than others.  A properly conditioned piece of clay will have an even colour, no cracks and will have elasticity. It doesn’t have to be very soft to be conditioned.

Some of the pigments used in our clay might temporarily leave a residue on your hands, so it is advisable to start working with the lightest colour to the darkest. This saves you from repeatedly washing your hands. If your hands are soiled it will show up on the clay. Wash your hands thoroughly to avoid contamination before you work with light coloured clay. A quick cleanup in between can be done with baby wipes or a sugar scrub.

Exciting product

Artist's starter kit in earth colours including:

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to embark on a life long love affaire with one of the most amazing art media I have ever worked with.