Newsletter 2

July 2016

I don't believe there is a better way to spend this cold, miserable winter than indoors, making magnificent clay objects with the oven going at a gentle 130oC.  I have spent many enjoyable hours doing exactly this both in workshops and by myself. You may not know this, but I seriously LOVE  polymer clay.

Two of the workshops this month produced some really stunning articles.  The wineglass embellishing was loads of fun with some very gorgeous creations.  I am always very intrigued to see what people are going to create.  The results are always totally unexpected and at the same time very beautiful.  The really strange part is that most people arrive saying that they are not at all creative and are useless with their hands.  They then proceed to create something truly magnificent!



The other wonerful workshop I'd like to mention was a teaspoon embellishing class.  I had the pleasure of meeting four wonderful, outgoing ladies who, (wait for it), said that they were not at all creative but would love to try the medium.  Yet again, I was astonished to see the wonderful items created by these amazing people.  Stunning work yet again!


In summary, I have to say that I am absolutely loving this new venture.  I am having a great time meeting all these new people and helping them to find the tiniest spark of creativity within their souls.  I just hope that they will continue to fan the fragile spark and let it grow into a raging inferno.  There is nothing like the heat of passion for your own crations to keep you warm during these dreary winter months.  (And an oven gently warming the kitchen at a lovely 130oC.)







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Please feel free to contact me if you would like to embark on a life long love affaire with one of the most amazing art media I have ever worked with.