Newsletter 3

August 2016


Another month has passed, many many hours have been spent working (read playing) with ClayologieTM polymer clay and I'm very pleased to report that I have not tired of it yet. I am still most definitely caught in the grips of this wonderful addiction.

This month I had the marvelous opportunity to offer training to a new, fellow facilitator (rather fancy and important sounding name for ClayologieTM clay stockists and distributors). We spent a very productive and at the same time wonderfully enjoyable time sharing tips, tricks and even covering the boring old administrative functions of being a facilitator. I'm really pleased to have met Sally van Wyk who will be passing on the obsession to as many people as possible in her area at Hartdebeespoort dam. Let me know if you have anybody needing to get clay and so forth in her area. I'd love to make the introductions.

This month, workshops covered teaspoons as well as bookmarks. I was once again faced by a group of people claiming to have zero artistic ability. I was also once again rewarded with some really spectacular creations. I really think people should not put themselves down so much. They are generally capable of so much more than they are willing to give themselves credit for! Come on people, a little belief in yourselves will not hurt.  

Knowing that I would be doing a bookmark workshop, and having sold or given most of my bookmarks away, I decided to make a few examples. Oh my hat! I had fun all over again! Have I ever mentioned how much fun this medium is?

First I made a gangly teen girl pair of legs in jeans and high heeled boots:

Then I made one of the cutest creatures I have ever attempted – a gorgeous, long eye-lashed, strange looking giraffe! I seriously love this goofy looking lady.  I've been told that it looks like she is singing her heart out.  What do you think?


.... and then I just went nuts and made a whole bunch of them.  My excuse was that I needed to have examples of different complexity levels.  I think I pulled off that particular story quite well!?


  Another workshop that I will be presenting in the near future is caning.  It is best suited for more advanced crafters but the artform is fantastic.  I would almost go so far as to say that caning is an artform wth such amazing potential to practically be considered a genre on it's own.

I have been wracking my brain to find applications for the technique, and have been almost overwhelmed by the incredible applications I have found and developed.   On this insence burner bottle, the eyes of the peacock feathers were created using canes and I think it is particularly effective:

More caning examples:








I think that the message I am getting from working with polymer clay and also possibly the message I am trying to convey to you is that this is a super fun and very enjoyable medium to work in.  I'd love to get the chance to show you if I haven't done so already.  Please drop me an email or send a Whatsapp so that we can set up a workshop for me to show you.