Newsletter 5

March 2017


I'm back with another news letter and it hasn't even been six months! Wow, I impress myself. Don't forget to go have a look at my sweet little advert on Jozikids and spread the word to all and sundry. Mudd Craft is alive and kicking and making art!  Mudd Craft Jozikids advert

As always, I've been playing with ClayologieTM clay and having tons of fun on a very regular basis. I also managed to create a few more addicts with similar dazed looks of enjoyment on their faces to what can be seen on mine. There is just TOO much fun to be had with polymer clay for me to keep it all to myself.

February has been a month of clay, clay and more clay. So, in other words, it's been an awesome month. We have had many workshops and loads of fun. As always, I have been very impressed with the gorgeous and inventive items made by the attendees. The things made included pendants, a lady bug, a fantasy mushroom, a little dragon, a fox, a dragon guarding his treasure and many more. So creative and cute! I can't say that the Valentine theme was too seriously adhered to, but I know that some of the items were made as gifts, so I supposse that counts too.

My darling daughter had a scout camp and the parents were involved in a "potjiekos" competition. The theme for the competition was "101 Dalmations" so I made a bunch of spotty dogs. I eventually got to a point where I saw spots even when I closed my eyes! But they were sweet and I enjoyed making them.

You can see in the photo that each of the little canines are individual characters with their own personalities shining through. No two poses are the same and no two doggies have the same colour collar. Note the naughty one trying to climb into the glass in the background.

As I mentioned previously, my latest endeavour is pot plant/fairy garden decorations. Lately I've been concentrating on making "fantasy mushrooms". They are fantasy because they have been enchanted and now have faces and real personalities. This is such a good way to practice making faces and have a use for the final product (instead of loads of dismembered faces just lying around the place). I have made five so far and each has it's very own unique expression.

This unfortunately (or maybe fortuitously?) spun me off at a tangent, and I have now decided to make a fantasy chess set. At this point, I have made five mushroom pawns and only have twenty seven pieces to go - yeee haaa! (Actually quite a daunting task but I'll just keep creating along and hope I don't get distracted by some other awesome project along the way. My word, it's tough being ADD!)

Please drop me an email or send a Whatsapp so that we can set up a workshop for me to show you how much fun this medium is. You can also pop onto my website and see if there is a workshop you would like to attend. The link to take you directly to the workshops is: Workshops and the link for my upcoming schedule is here: Workshop schedule.

On Saturday 18 March, we will be making sweet little teabag string holding worms. One of the skill sets you will learn with this little guy is how to make a gorgeous ombre fade from one colour to another. I don't know how I ever managed to live without a little sweetie to hold my teabag for me!

If you would like to host your own polymer clay workshop at your home, drop me a line and let's see what we can put together.

In conclusion, polymer clay is a super fun and very enjoyable medium to work in and ClayologieTM is my clay of choice. Not only is it manufactured in South Africa, but it is also of very high quality and has a fantastic range of clay related products. I'd love to get the chance to show you if I haven't done so already.

Kind regards,

The Mudd Craft Staff