Newsletter 8

June 2017


It looks like winter has snuck up and slapped me from behind. At the same time, the workshops seem to have just, well, practically,.... stopped!

That is, except for a frantic email from a mom hosting a birthday party and who had not got any replies from anyone to do some sort of kids' entertainment. She had 20 to 25 kids coming to a "super hero" party the next day, and please, please, PLEASE, would I come present a workshop. Reluctantly (it is winter afterall), I dragged myself over to her house and to my surprise (and considerable delight), had an awesome time. The kids just couldn't get enough of making seriously cute critters. They truly worked like the bunch of super heroes that they are!

As a result of this workshop, I also got my very first review on Jozikids. All in all, a pretty successful day.

However, if it were not for the frantic mom needing me to help her out of a pickle, May would have been entirely workshop free. I sincerely hope that I'm not going into hibernation. I passionately HATE winter and I wouldn't be surprised if my body has just decided to hide away until the return of spring. Maybe you guys can help me through the dreary, cold days by requesting and/or hosting a workshop or two? Please don't get me wrong - I still LOVE clay and adore showing other people how awesome it is. I just HATE winter.

For this reason, I am putting it out there that I would like to offer a glass decorating workshop. Afterall, how many things are more enjoyable than snuggling with a lovely glass of red wine during these cold evenings? Now you can do it with a gorgeously decorated glass created all by yourself. I've already put it out there on Facebook and now I just need to determine the date. You can see more details about what is offered in the workshop here.

Well, even though I haven't done many workshops this month, it has still been a month of creativity. I have made, and made, and made some more stuff.

I had a request for glasses depicting something from the Tim Burton movie, "A nightmare before Christmas". I made a pair of glasses with Jack Skellington and his leading lady, Sally in a sort of chibi style. I think they came out quite cute and I am assured that the recipient of them as a gift absolutely adores them.

Lee Davenport-Brown from "Reiki Gauteng Holistic Healing Academy" gave me loads of tumbled stones with little cards telling everything about the properties of each and sent me off to create. This has been a most daunting, and yet at the same time a most rewarding experience. I have all of the stones laid out on their little cards where I often walk past them. I stop, pick up a stone, look at it, read the card and wander off. Ten minutes later I will stop at the stones and pick up a different one and go through the whole process again. Every now and again, I'll have a sudden flash of inspiration and I'll take a stone and create some clay design to enhance it. Moments like these make my soul soar.

I am also very excited and super happy that I made another polymer clay sale from my Etsy shop. This time it was my little silver and black dragon egg. It zoomed off to Licolnshire in the UK during May. Please take a look at what I've listed in my shop over here: Mudd Craft Etsy shop. The more it gets visited, the more visible it becomes to potential buyers. I'll be adding more items soon and often, so feel free to pop back every once in a while too.

Another thing I must not forget to mention is the set of glasses I made as a wedding gift for my step-son and his bride-to-be. I decided on pure white swans with soft shading of blues and pinks on little roses in front of their bodies. I'm particularly pleased with how they turned out. I hope they bring joy to the couple and that they will be brought out to celebrate many important occassions in the future.

In conclusion, polymer clay is a super fun and very enjoyable medium to work with and ClayologieTM is my clay of choice. Not only is it manufactured in South Africa, but it is also of very high quality and has a fantastic range of colours and other clay related products. I'd love to get the chance to show you if I haven't done so already.

Please drop me an email or send a Whatsapp so that we can set up a workshop for me to show you how much fun this medium is. You can also pop onto my website and see if there is a workshop you would like to attend. The link to take you directly to the workshops is: Workshops and the link for my upcoming schedule is here: Workshop schedule.

If you would like to host your own polymer clay workshop at your home, drop me a line and let's see what we can put together. I'm always open to suggestions of what you would like to do and would really love your feedback.

Also, remember that as a facilitator and stockist, you can buy any of your polymer clay supplies from me. 

Don't forget to go have a look at my sweet little advert on Jozikids and spread the word to all and sundry. Mudd Craft is alive and kicking and making art!  Mudd Craft Jozikids advert


Kind regards, The Mudd Craft Staff