Newsletter 9

July 2017



Early in June, I took my family and a couple of friends off to Clarens in the Freestate. What a wonderful little town! It is just overflowing with peace, tranquility and more art than it is possible to comprehend. I certainly left with a soul filled to bursting point with inspiration. Having chosen the friends I went with with care, after absorbing as much art, fresh air and beautiful scenery as possible, we all played with some kind of craft. Most of us played with clay while one made the sweetest little fluffy bunny. I love the creativity flows when one is in a like minded group.

Other than that, it would seem that I am in hibernation. I'm behaving like a bear (without the glorious coat) and have barely (hee hee) arranged any workshops this month. All I've done is to honour the invitation I put on Facebook last month and presented a glass embellishing workshop.

Presenting the workshop was such fun and it made me wonder all over again, why I haven't been doing more of them? Well, I know why. I honestly love clay and I truly love showing people how to work with it, but I also passionately HATE winter!

At any rate, we played, spoke nonsense, laughed, learned and generally had lots of fun. Once again I was stunned and very pleasantly surprised with the gorgeous glasses that were created. I cannot say this often enough, I really love presenting workshops! I'm pleased to say that I already have interest in my glass embellishment workshop on the 8th of July. I know that this will be tons of fun too.

In order to break this streak of nothingness, and aslo with it being school holidays this month, I have decided to schedule and present some workshops. The fact that the winter solstice has passed and thus spring is not too far off is probably also a contributing factor. So, I will be creating "event" adverts on Jozikids and you can see all of them here.  I will also keep my workshop schedule updated. So far I have scheduled workshops for dragon pendants, cute creatures, glass embelishment and dragon eggs. You can see the plan for July here but as always, I'm open to more suggestions. Should I perhaps also offer a semi precious stone embelishing workshop? Hmmm, they really are fun to make.....

Well, even though I haven't done many workshops this month, it has still been a month of creativity. I have made, and made, and made some more stuff.

One of the items I'm particularly pleased with is this incense burner. I was asked to make one for a Lion's ladies' brunch for charity as a special prize. The brief was that I needed to make it on the theme of "Diamonds and Pearls". It took me 12 - 14 hours (most of which was making individual feathers) and I can honestly say that I really love it! I think the startk white gives quite an elegant feel to the final product.

Please take a look at what I've listed in my Etsy shop over here: Mudd Craft Etsy shop. The more it gets visited, the more visible it becomes to other potential buyers. I'll be adding more items soon and often, so feel free to pop back every once in a while too.

In conclusion, polymer clay is a super fun and very enjoyable medium to work with and ClayologieTM is my clay of choice. Not only is it manufactured in South Africa, but it is also of very high quality and has a fantastic range of colours and other clay related products. I'd love to get the chance to show you if I haven't done so already.

Please drop me an email or send a Whatsapp so that we can set up a workshop for me to show you how much fun this medium is. You can also pop onto my website and see if there is a workshop you would like to attend. The link to take you directly to the workshops is: Workshops and the link for my upcoming schedule is here: Workshop schedule.

If you would like to host your own polymer clay workshop at your home, drop me a line and let's see what we can put together. I'm always open to suggestions of what you would like to do and would really love your feedback.

Also, remember that as a facilitator and stockist, you can buy any of your polymer clay supplies from me. 

Don't forget to go have a look at my sweet little advert on Jozikids and spread the word to all and sundry. Mudd Craft is alive and kicking and making art!  Mudd Craft Jozikids advert

If you have missed any of my newsletters, you can find all of them in my Newsletter archives on my website.

Kind regards,
The Mudd Craft Staff