Newsletter 10

August/September 2017


I have presented some really fun workshops recently, with amongst others dragon pendants, cute creatures, fidget spinners and teaspoon decorating. I will never be able to describe the awesome feeling when I see how much the participants enjoy themselves creating their very own precious works of art!

In one of these workshops, I had a severely ADHD little boy. He was totally unable to sit and work but hopped up and down all the time. He fidgeted and poked, whined and chattered. He was all over the place, asking questions, shouting comments and struggling acutely with conditioning the clay. Having dealt with similar children in the past, I realised that I could not force him to sit still so just let him carry on and only tried to minimise his disruption on the other kids. By the end of the workshop, he had made a dragon that he was immensely proud of and couldn't wait to go home and show everybody his fantastic creation. The medium is so wonderful that it even managed to hold his attention sufficiently to make something to be proud of. I truly love this clay.

I have sold clay to many people in the last year and I have to say, I get a warm feeling when someone sends me pictures of the work they're doing and asks for suggestions and advice. Some of the people have made me feel that I need to up my creativity as their work is getting so good that I'm getting left far behind!

I've spent a good few hours making things for a friend who has kindly offered to sell some of my clay items at markets.  Aparently the frogs and dalmations were a hit. I've added a few more dogs and cats and can't wait to see if they're also popular.

I have most certainly not limited myself to market items. I've experimented and played with many other designs too. I will admit to being particularly happy with my crazy elf bottle. He was so much fun to make (while being pretty challenging too) that I think I will most likely make more similar items.

I also tried my hand at making figures again. Although I think there is still room for much improvement, I'm pretty happy with my progess. I can see that I get better with every hour of practice.

In conclusion, polymer clay is a super fun and very enjoyable medium to work with and ClayologieTM is my clay of choice. Not only is it manufactured in South Africa, but it is also of very high quality and has a fantastic range of colours and other clay related products. I'd love to get the chance to show you if I haven't done so already. 

Please drop me an email or send a Whatsapp so that we can set up a workshop for me to show you how much fun this medium is. You can also pop onto my website and see if there is a workshop you would like to attend. The link to take you directly to the workshops is: Workshops and the link for my upcoming schedule is here: Workshop schedule.

If you would like to host your own polymer clay workshop at your home, drop me a line and let's see what we can put together. I'm always open to suggestions of what you would like to do and would really love your feedback.

Also, remember that as a facilitator and stockist, you can buy any of your polymer clay supplies from me. 

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Kind regards,
The Mudd Craft Staff