Paverpol is now available in South Africa, exclusively distributed by Mudd Craft.

Exciting News!

I was interviewed at Curious Mondo on 15 April 2021. 

You can watch the interview here and maybe learn a little about Paverpol and how I use it in my art    Watch video here

Why not book a workshop and learn about this wonderful medium. Sculptures made with 100% natural textiles are weather proof and can be displayed in your garden for years of enjoyment.

Working with Paverpol

Paverpol is an environmentally friendly textile hardener and it offers you endless possibilities to shape your creativity.


Dip a piece of 100% natural textile in the Paverpol. Wrap this around a sturdy frame or wire figure and let it dry. Paverpol dries quickly. Alternatively, you can use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process. When it is dry, you have a beautiful decoration or sculpture. This is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Of course you can also work with it on a canvas. The choice is yours!

Natural materials

Paverpol adheres to all natural materials. You can use everything, such as wool, cotton, wood, leather, paper, silk, self-hardening clay, styrofoam, dried flowers, wood, plaster and pottery. It makes these materials totally stiff.

Unique properties

Paverpol hardens without additives. We recommend that outside objects be allowed to harden indoors for two weeks to ensure it is thoroughly dry. Then you can paint them and place them outside. The materials that you harden with Paverpol can be placed in your garden all year round, regardless of precipitation or temperature. We do advise to apply two layers of Josefine varnish. In this way you prevent your artwork from turning white in high humidity. Please note that Paverpol in liquid form should not be frozen. After use, you can simply wash your hands and tools with warm water. Please use a bucket of water for washing and dispose of the water in your garden to prevent blocking your drains. Natural materials soaked in Paverpol are fire-resistant.

Various colours and sizes

Paverpol is available from me in transparent, black, bronze, light peach and lead grey 250g, 500g, 750g and 1000g pots.

To combine

Use Paverpol also in combination with other Paverpol products, such as Paverplast, Pavercolor, Wrappers, Stockinette, Relief Decoration, Art Stone, Pavercotton, Josefine varnish, Paversand or Paverscrub.

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